ONE player refuses to accept that this is the end... unbound by fear he unleashes retribution against the camped sniper, time is running out and the only thing between ONE and the sniper... is an entire army... tick..tock...
Ignis Solus
Ignis Solus is latin, and roughly translates to "burn alone." It is a bit of an experiment in improvised machinima, and as far as we can tell, also constitutes the first piece of Team Fortress Two machinima not created by Valve.
War of the Servers
In 2007, The Gmod servers go to war, from Lit Fuse Films comes "War of the Servers". Based on the musical "Jeff Wayne's musical of War of the Worlds" This action/parody adventure follows one players story to get to his friends before the servers crash.
Jill's Song
In Jill's song we meet Jack Stone, and see a little of what makes him tick. It's a tragic and personal tale of lost love and broken dreams. Jill's Song is also a short companion piece to a much larger film currently in production.
Melon 3
The third installment in both the melon man, and thundermelon series.
Combine Nation Episode 1
In this inaugural episode of combine nation, we recieve our first introduction to a few of the characters, as officer Bundles and Lieutenant Tibbles investigate a possible civil disturbance.
Combine Nation Episode 2
The second episode of Combine Nation.
Flying Fenix
Flying Fenix is a music supported machinima video using the Gears of War Unreal engine. Flying Fenix is the first machinima video for Lit Fuse using Gears of War and one of the first in the community for using GoW animations and lipsync.
Dancing's Easy
An experimental music video using the virtual world 'Second Life'. Robot Rob loves a dance! so he went around Second Life, telling and showing how easy dancing really is! Oh he does enjoy a dance!
Rusty Whispers - Dennis
A short from the random mind of Robert Stoneman, the creator of "War of the Servers" comes "Rusty Whispers - Dennis"
Rusty Whispers - Daniel
His name is Daniel...and he lives in a bunker.
What you'll find here is short films or trailers for things that, to us, don't merit their own profile but are still good none the less. Things such as mod trailers like Insurgency, Riot Act and more. Also short videos such as Don't Shoot the Wockets.

Here are other Extra videos:
Holiday 2007 Notice
Lit Fuse Music Promo
Combine Nation: Do your part
War of the Servers 2


Our music was first released for purchase around early 2008 and since then we've received a lot of orders for the files. As a thank you for those who supported us all this time, we have decided to give the ENTIRE music library away for free. I hope it brings back memories when those videos first came out.

Download our music by clicking this link

What we're doing now

Since Lit Fuse has stopped its Machinima making duties, some of you may be wondering what we're up to these days and how you might stay in contact with what we're doing. Below these lines of text are sections for each person from Lit Fuse and a little insight of what's going on in our lives at the moment and hopefully some links for you guys to follow our work.

Rob Stoneman

Robert Stoneman went to work on Mass Effect 2 with Bioware EA in beautiful Canada. He has completed cinematics for Shogun 2 & Napoleon Total War with SEGA Creative Assembly. Working on the new Pirates film and recently World War Z.

Zachariah Scott

Zachariah Scott went to work on Mass Effect 2 with Bioware EA in beautiful Canada. He's still there and currently is working on the cinematics for Mass Effect 3.

Zach's YouTube

Michael K. Clements

Michael is still working full time as a Graphic Designer for Orchidsoft, creating intranet designs for companies such as River Island, ITV, Pinewood Studios, Pizza Express and many more.

He also occassionally does some freelance work in his spare time and gets drunk on the weekends. He's also a massive fan of HTML5 and CSS3.

Michael's website

Michael's Twitter

Michael's YouTube

Lars Erik Fjøsne

Lars is currently on his second year studying Music and Sound production in Oslo, looking forward to finish his degree in Wales next year. He is still producing music under the aliases "Living Lars", "Blarsa" and "Bypass Bandits". You can check out his work by pressing the links underneath.

Living Lars website

Living Lars SoundCloud

Bypass Bandits SoundCloud

Blarsa website

Blarsa SoundCloud

Brian Hardisty

Brian is currently mixing & mastering music, but has taken a break from producing to focus on other personal projects. He occasionally does motion graphics / vfx work for extra change, but it is no longer his primary focus. You can hear some of his mixing work on the latest Bypass Bandits tracks, and simultaneously be checking out Lars's work.

Blarsa website

Blarsa SoundCloud

Filipe Dobreira

Filipe has disappeared from the internets. Though we believe he is working as Web/Graphic Designer and is enjoying life. He may have won the lottery, we're not quite sure. I'm sure we'll update this space once he's online.

Filipe's website

Ben Hundley

Ben briefly dabbled in secondary education, and landed a job as a web designer soon after. After a couple of disorienting years and battling with the concept of a 4th dimension, he is now working as a developer from his home, managing a medium-scale website with mostly Ruby and Javascript.

Ben's Twitter